Retina Display is More Than Just Hype on a Tablet; Have Your Say

March 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, when Apple came out with a possible announcement of their new iPad, speculations were rife that Apple will pack something ground breaking with the device.

But it didn’t, except the high resolution Retina Display of the new device. But it is something which is going to change the iPad experience, we feel.

Frankly, there is not much stuff in a product upgrade as far as gadgets are concerned.  The specs just go to a higher point. Sometimes, a real revolutionary feature comes out and it redefines the scenario. But otherwise, upgraded versions bring in nothing new.

The new iPad does not bring any such groundbreaking features if we look at the specs. It is just an upgrade – it has a better camera and a better display.

However, we feel that Retina Display is more than just a simple spec upgrade since the gadget we are talking about is a tablet.

It would have been less noticeable on other gadgets, like a Smartphone with a smaller display. On a tablet, (something like iPad) with a bigger display, it has a lot more impact.

On a tablet, what you see on the display is more detailed. When you work with an app, the app may be able to take advantage of the additional detail and provide you a different feel.

What you see on the display of the tablet truly defines what you feel about it. So what we felt after playing with the new iPad is that Retina display is more than just hype.

Agree? Let us know here.

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