Made in the USA Patriot Tab Could Be a Good Move from Sammy to Try and Beat Apple

March 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, Samsung tried the mudslinging game with Apple and iFans by mocking those in the long lines to purchase the next big thing from Apple when Sammy has already brought out their next big thing here.

But the mockery did not help them get anywhere. The shipping date of the newest iPad too is being pushed due to the staggering number of pre-orders the company is getting.

Now Samsung has to think about a new idea, or the next gimmick to get some market attention. What about playing the patriot tune?

We are not kidding. Apple is making a lot of money by selling its devices, but why are they off shoring the manufacturing process to Foxconn in China, when US is struggling to create more jobs.

Well, the answer is simple math as everybody knows manufacturing in China is less expensive and it generates a big profit unlike when they do it in the US. However, analysts feel that Samsung may try well about a tactic by rolling out an iPad killer which is ‘Made in the USA’.

They should be doing it in such way that the manufacturing should happen in the US, giving more jobs to the people in the US, making it a major campaigning point.

If you tend to think that will be an impossible dream, you are wrong. Hyundai Kia, Honda, Toyota are already manufacturing cars in the US and making bucks out of selling them as fast as hot cakes.

Considering the usual reason why manufacturing is taken offshore in the case of gadgets, we can see you frowning on this suggestion.

However, in the case of Samsung, if they’re ready to try it, the expense won’t be a problem, since they can sell it at any price close to the iPad, thus saving the money they could have discounted otherwise, like they do now with their Android tablets.

In the end, they may even name it Patriot tab. Will that save Samsung tabs and the US? What do you think?

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