High Time for Guest Accounts on Smartphone and Tablets Platforms; What Do You Feel?

March 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smart phones and tablets are everybody’s personal devices. No debate over that. However, there are situations in your life in which you have, at least reluctantly, handed over your pets to others.

Well, we all did. And we all spent those five minutes over the edge of our chair, worrying what all things boss or the loved one is looking at while he or she is on that urgent use.

We very well know many embarrassing situations in which out of context messages seen by another user have caused terrible misunderstandings.

Even if you rule out the chances of having too much dangerous information on your phone or tablet that may risk your personal life, we feel whatever you have on your personal devices are serious things. You may not have nude pictures in your slates but your address book is there, which you don’t often like others to open.

We have gone through similar situations with our laptops and not to mention the desktops.  What makes the difference?

They can be adjusted to the degree to which another user can see or edit data. Yes, we are taking about guest accounts.

Considered extremely personal, no smartphone or tablet platform now offers a guest account feature for such devices. But we feel that it is high time that Apple and Android think about it.

If you think it is our personal hallucination, a recent online survey among 9,500 people found that 40.2 percent of the respondents tend to hand over their smartphone or tablets to ‘a select few’ while 11. 3 percent of the respondents tend to hand over them to anybody.

Something like a guest account, which does not allow guest users to access the main user’s address book, restrict changing the home screen and accessing the inbox of the main user is definitely needed. It may not be so easy to implement, but nothing is impossible, right?

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