Single NVIDIA Kepler Chip Can Replace Three GTX 580s [Demo Video]

March 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had told you earlier about the power behind the chips in the Kepler series when they recently came out from the stables of NVIDIA.

More information is now emerging as it is being used in different situations. It is revealed that these chips are powerful enough to replace three GTX 580 chips. We will tell you that story here.

Now reports from Epic Games suggest that they were able to run the Samaritan Unreal Engine 3 graphic demo with the help of a single NVIDIA Kepler card. The interesting aspect here is that they were using three chips from NVIDIA – nothing but all of them GTX 580s – last year when they came up with the same tech demo.

That is enough reason to believe that the new chips in the Kepler series are a powerful lot as far as their ability to handle high graphic content is concerned.

The grapevine says that there is more news which is yet to come out. It is also reported that Unreal Engine 4 also is being powered by chips in the Kepler series, but no info on the performance will be revealed since the terms and conditions of the private tech demo does not allow it.

However, the sources close to the Epic Games, says that the Samaritan demo went on the same board they are running the Unreal Engine 4 demo.

They have hinted that the card is capable of bringing out more than what we have seen with the Samaritan demo.

Rumors suggest that more chip sin the Kepler series may come out next month. It is expected that GTX 680 and GTX 660 will come along. However, you will have to wait May to find GTX 690.

Here’s a demo:

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