Microsoft Windows Mobile App Store to be History

March 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Upgrades are a matter of time. Most often they are simply inevitable. We heard how AT&T is phasing out their second generation networks and urging users to upgrade.

Often what happens is that users do not feel like upgrading to new standards and services. Microsoft products are classic examples to this case.

You have seen how reluctant people were to desert Windows XP, one of their most popular desktop platforms and to migrate to updated ones like Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Similarly, when they have rolled out the updated versions of their browser Internet Explorer, a vast majority was still clinging to IE 6, the older and less secure version of it.

At last, MS executives played a lot of pushing to get many of them migrate to an upgraded edition of IE to tap the full potentials of browsing in a secure way.

Looks like Microsoft is again playing the pushing game, this time on smartphone platforms and related to their app store. This is not about Windows Phone Market Place, but about its ancestor, Windows Mobile app store.

You may wonder, but it existed from the days of the old Windows Mobile attempt from MS and still services devices running on Windows Mobile 6.X.

However, Microsoft is putting the last nail on this old marketplace’s coffin on May 9th. It will close for ever from that day, leaving no way to download or install apps from this store anymore.

However, the company says that the apps users have installed from this old app store will start to function till the third party publisher offers support.

However, they also warn you that you may not be able to restore any app you got from here if you delete it after May 9th.

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