HP Atlas Project to Overhaul Website for Better Retail Experience

March 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many of you will agree that HP’s website just reflected the status of the company and how it performs in the market.

To be frank, we didn’t find anything messier than that. But now, HP feels that it is time to make some changes, if not with the market performance, with the look and feel of its website at least.

Code named Atlas, HP is now carrying out a new project to improve the attire and features of its online identity with a new US Home and Office consumer store.

It is expected that the company will launch it by the end of March. It plans to inject more visual appeal, more product info and a better navigation to the new attempt.

Currently, HP.com is a matter of chaos. The home page may not be a big problem, but try clicking on any link; there you are, in the center of confusion.

A lot of links explodes to your face along with a number of tabs, leaving you into confusion on how to navigate forward and find the info you need. Hope a major website redesign will soon solve such issues.

The change is going to be one of the major decisions taken by HP since Meg Whitman took over as the head of it in last fall.

He has taken a set of good decisions including the one to retain Personal Systems Group and to leave the webOS to the open source community.

Though the changes have not changed the performance of HP very much, the stock prices are gradually climbing back to a healthy state.

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