Apple and Android Hold 91% of Smartphone Market Share; Kindle Fire a Potent Rival for iPad

March 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In an interesting analysis based on the data from 95 million users in the Jumptap mobile ad network in the US, it has been found that the smaller smartphone platforms are shrinking day by day in a scenario that sees the growth of Android and Apple in the smartphone sector.

As per available data, the leading platforms together claim almost 91 percent of the market, leaving really small room to the smaller competitors.

The trend shows that Apple witnessed a huge jump in the number of users after the launch of iPhone 4S leaving it with a 32.2 percent share while Android is leading by amassing more than half of the total market share in the smartphone sector.

The small players are finding it difficult, with RIM going down to a new low of 6.7 percent. Interestingly, Symbian takes more share than Windows Phone with each having 1.4 percent and 0.5 percent of market share respectively.

The analysis also finds some Windows advantage from its alliance with Nokia. But even then, the collective share will not cross a total of 10 percent, says the analysis.

In the tablet front, things are amazing. A new single competitor has risen up to Apple from among Android tablets – the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

As per the data from Jumptap, Kindle Fire has been eating up into the market share of both Apple- which is the single biggest tablet platform in usage – and the collective share of all other competitors.

Apple has, interestingly, marked the lowest share with a continuous fall during the three months period from November to January, while Kindle has reached a 33 percent mark, rising constantly from a 4 percent share in November.

The growth of Kindle Fire is interesting since attracting users with perfect content services was a ploy used by Apple, but it seems that people love Kindle Fire and the whole service-led proposition behind the device, and its cheap price that comes with it.

However, a change in the trend of Apple’s fall is expected with the newest iPad. What do you feel?

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