Robot Cheetah is the Fastest on Land; Set for US Military Deployment [Video]

March 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cheetah has always been a name associated with wild speeds. Though the animal is in a vulnerable status with its shrinking numbers, it still holds the speed record on land with its wild pace.

That is the reason why scientists at the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, also known as DARPA, have decided on the Cheetah nomenclature when they developed the world’s fastest four-legged robot.

Well, when the Cheetah came in, records have been broken. You may wonder, but the land speed record for a robot was 13.1 mph and that was made way back in 1989. Now the Cheetah stands top with its record setting pace of 18 mph.

Well, the purpose of such a faster Cheetah may sound like little science fiction, since the robot is being developed to assist war fighters in different missions.

Well, you can watch a video on how Cheetah runs in its robot form. Look at its movement and see how the scientists have given enough attention to design its movements to be similar to that of fast running animals. It flexes and unflexes its back at each gallop to control the pace and stride.

However, the robotic cheetah’s record will stand only with robots, since real cheetah is many times faster. The real animal can get to a flashing 60 mph from its static position within a wink of your eye or say, in three seconds. It often found to be able to run at 75 mph easily.

The robot which you find in the video runs on a treadmill set up in the DARPA laboratory. In fact, it is a boom like device that keeps this robotic cheetah at the center of the tracks.

However, DARPA plans to test a free running model this year itself. Time is not far when he will go outside hunting with military troops.

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