New iPad No Reason to Dump Your Laptop; Have Your Say

March 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The debate on iPads replacing other computing forms like desktops, laptops or net books have been a topic of heated debate from 2010 onwards, when the first device in the series saw the day’s light.

Even after two years, when Apple has just launched the third device in the series, the debate still lingers on.

Well, before jumping into the debate, just a take look back. The market figures have severely gone down for desktops and laptops.

Tablets are considered as the most dynamic segment in the gadget markets. But one cannot say that people have stopped using desktops and laptops.

But that is not the case with net books. These miniatures of the laptops which came for $300 to $500 were once a dynamic market segment which targeted the folks who needed maximum portable devices to keep working on the go.

iPads, or efficient tablets generally, were a blow to the genre of net books. And net books, as you know, are almost moving towards extinction.

Who comes next on the firing line, laptops or desktops? That is a question difficult to answer. Desktops were there earlier and they never vanished to extinction even at the onslaught of other genres of devices.

Their upper hand is the habit factor and the legendary power of the static. You still need massive desktops with high fire power to carry out some missions, no cloud alternatives.

But that is not the case of laptops that also live on the factor of portability. They are always under threat from the minute by minute improving tablets or similar extra portable devices.

However, coming back to the launch of the new iPad, we feel laptops are still safe. There is no reason for anyone to desert laptops just for a better camera, high resolution display and Siri.

Well, tablets may swipe away laptops one day, but that is not going to happen right now with the present iPad. We doubt whether it will ever replace iPad 2.

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