New iPad and Less Attractive Feature Upgrades May Not Charm Many

March 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

At last the hoopla on the next gen iPad is over. It is out in reality. And the reality often hurts, right? While we seek reasons for people to desert iPad 2 and go for something like the new iPad, we want think about the device over and again.

If we approach the question in terms of a specs comparison, you know the most hyped features of the new device are its better display, better camera and a better chip. That’s it, nothing more.

The iPad 2, like its predecessor, had a 1024 x 768 display, which has got a staggering update with a 2048 x 1536 one on the new iPad.

The chip is indeed an upgrade, with the A5 dual core one with 1.5 GHz frequency on iPad 2 being replaced by a faster A5X dual core on the new iPad. It carries faster graphic processing with its quad core graphics front.

Well, what is so much to talk about a jump from 0.7 MP camera with 720p ability on iPad 2 to a 5 MP one with 1080p on new iPad.

That is the usual pattern with any product update, right? Not a flagship feature to brag about when it is from somebody like Apple.

On its measurements, the first device was solid thicker with its 0.5 inches it came down to 0.34 inches on iPad 2 and it has gone up to 0.37 inches now. Same has happened with its weight too.

The first iPad was heavier with 1.5 pounds while it came down to 1.33 pounds with iPad 2. It is back to 1.44 pounds in the new device.

Well, in the addition box, stabilization, Face Detection and a dictation only Siri catches some appreciation while FaceTime and gesture support is not a new story when compared to iPad 2.

The 4G support on Verizon and AT&T is a welcome move from a 3G only iPad 2 but, that is an inevitability with time.

That way, we will have to brag about Bluetooth 4.0 which is jump from the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR on earlier machines. That is a pathetic situation, since we are writing about a device from Apple, not from any third rate manufacturer.

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