New Halo 4 Details: No Beta Planned, Assassinations Are Back, And More

March 8, 2012, By Christian Davis

Since the new Halo 4 ViDoc was released, Halo has been on the mind non-stop. I have faith in 343 Industries but I want need more of the juicier details. When are we going to see gameplay? Is there going to be a multiplayer beta?  Is the ranking and matchmaking system going to be more like Halo 2’s? Questions swirled around my head constantly and I was losing my mind. Thankfully, on the Waypoint forums, the development team took some time aside to answer a lot of the questions that we’ve all been asking and wondering.

The development team answered several questions and they actually went into considerable detail. But yes, they do not have a beta planned right now. Though we’ve had one for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, the team just can’t dedicate anytime to it right now. That’s not necessarily a no, but it’s not what we exactly wanted to hear. Don’t think they’re slacking off however. The team is currently in crunch time for the project.

“Crunch. We’re finishing levels. Improving perf. Finishing gameplay. Finishing UI. The Campaign is playable from beginning to end. Cinematics are being fully realized. Music is composed, final orchestra sessions are booked. Some levels are graphically polished and beautiful, others waiting their turn in the schedule. Testing and polishing of systems continues. Crunchy.”

Elements from Halo: Reach are also making a return such as the assassinations though the team says that they’re altered. In what way we don’t know but we’re still looking forward to it.

One of the more interesting questions was regarding the Covenant.When asked whether they’d be making a return they responded with this:  “Yes. The Covenant will definitely return, albeit in a completely (graphically, politically and sonically) overhauled form, but they may be the least of your problems.”

The Covenant will be the least of our problems? Perhaps we’re going up against the Forerunners? Who knows, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the exclusion of The Flood. I don’t miss them at all.

For the whole batch of questions head over to the Waypoint forums and get all the information you need. What do you hope to see in Halo 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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