2G is Over for AT&T; Urges Customers to Get 3G Devices

March 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AT& T has decided to phase out their 2G network through a gradual process, and is urging customers who are still using only 2G compatible devices to upgrade soon.

Though it may wonder some of you who have already jumped on to the 3G and 4G networks and tasting the faster pace of life, but that is not the case with every customer.

At least a minority still use devices which are compatible only with second generation wireless networks. As part of the phasing out move, AT&T has started sending warning notices to users about the need to upgrade soon, or to suffer a degradation of wireless services.

Though they have decided to pull the plug of their 2 G services, they are not going to do it suddenly, but may do it gradually. Not all 2G devices will be affected right now.

According to certain AT&T officials, the network is still supporting 2G networks but gradually customers with 2G cell phones which operate on the 1900 MHz band of the spectrum will lose all services.

The carrier, like others in the sector is finding it difficult to keep up with the increasing data traffic on their network and the resource requirements of an inevitable 4G network roll out.

Their major rival Verizon has improved its distance in advance by rolling out their 4G LTE network to reach nearly three times of Americans than AT&T.

AT&T is planning to use the spectrum that it gets through phasing out 2G services, with new technology.

However, upgrading to a better phone will not be a big issue since a lot of options are around in all price segments.

It is interesting to note that the time rolls fast, and older technologies and standards fade away even faster. Bye bye 2G.

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