New Spec Ops Missions And Multiplayer Map Coming To Modern Warfare 3 This Month

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

Modern Warfare 3’s content season is a great investment (for Xbox 360 owners). There’s no downside to continuously getting new content added each month for your respective title, and in this case, Modern Warfare 3. That content stream continues with the new Elite Content Drop DLC for March. This month, is different from past add-ons. Usually, they consist of multiplayer maps primarily. Now, the Spec Ops mode is getting some love with two new missions in addition to one new multiplayer map.

The two Spec Ops missions will transport you to two separate parts of the world: Russia and India. The Russian mission will have you speeding down a mountain on a snowmobile while fending off the constant attack of Russian soldiers. Once you reach your location, you then have to blow it to kingdom come. The India locale is taking a different approach and has you rescue a soldier held hostage and then free a whole town from some sort of reckless militia. From the trailer, this mission seems to have a heavy emphasis on the slow-mo breach mechanic featured in the campaign missions.

And finally, the new multiplayer Map, Black Box, has players fighting each other over the wreckage of Air Force One which was shot down and crashed in a rich suburban neighborhood. The level seems somewhat reminiscent of the map Scrapyard from Modern Warfare 2 and that’s probably because there’s a deconstructed plane down the center of it. Black Box looks to be a mix of long range and short range combat with areas that the run and gun play style will love and dominate.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to Rob Riggle.

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