More Quick Combos Coming To Street Fighter X Tekken, Probably As DLC

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

Hackers have completely opened up Capcom’s latest game, Street Fighter X Tekken. We’ve seen everything from DLC characters that are already on the disc (horrible move Capcom) to new costumes for DLC and now we’re finding that there could be more content coming. In Street Fighter X Tekken, new comers to the game have the option to create preset combos to help ease them into the competitive scene. The combos are simple (light kick followed by heavy punch), don’t do a lot of damage, and you can only have two, so it isn’t that big of a deal.

The fear of that mechanic may now set in because of some leaked images that fighting game blog Hadoken have received. The screenshot shows that players will be able to gather up to five preset combos, each one increasing in damage. The blog states that the fifth combo for Street Fighter combatant Ryu consists of two hits into special move into a super combo and is pretty damaging. The blog goes on to say that the combo will completely drain your super meter as a result of this.

With the introduction of various gems into Street Fighter X Tekken, worrying about meter may not be as big of a problem. If you have a set compiled completely full of meter building gems, then this could be something players could reproduce several times in a single match.

The interesting thing about the preset combos is the shopping carts next to them. It leads us to believe that we may be able to purchase these preset combos as DLC. This was a considerable issue when gems were initially announced for the Street Fighter X Tekken. Players were concerned that skill would be based of where you purchased or pre-ordered the gems as opposed to practicing and mastering combos and the fundamentals of a fighting game. It’s still an issue now and well known, weekly tournaments such as Wednesday Night Fights and The Big Two have banned gems from their brackets.


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