Epic Games Says iPad 3 Will Have More Memory, Higher Resolution Than Xbox 360 And PS3

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

I too read that statement several times over with a raised eyebrow. At the Apple iPad press conference, Gears of War developer Epic Games revealed that their next mobile game, Infinity Blade: Dungeons on the new iPad 3 will feature an A5X quad-core processor and high resolution display. That’s a pretty powerful processor for a handheld device. He then followed that up, with “This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the iPad 3 a “graphics powerhouse” and went on to say that it will be four times more powerful than the previous iPad. We have seen a glimpse of it’s graphical power already when publisher Namco Bandai  showcased their flight simulator called Sky Gamblers on the new iPad.  They called it “console -quality.” To further attest to this statement Epic Games released a trailer for Infinity Blade: Dungeons and it does look fantastic on the iPad.

Though, with the iPad only boasting 10 hours of battery life or 9 hours if you use 4G, will the duration of play be hindered too greatly? Our cellphones lose most of their battery life after only a couple of hours of texting with Twitter running simultaneously. A game with this sort of graphic capability would probably drain the battery substantially quicker.

Regardless, the way these games look are quite impressive.

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