Battlefield 3 Gets Three New Expansions And Customizable Servers For Consoles

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

The first and only expansion pack that we’ve received for EA’s Battlefield 3 was in October with the Back to Karkland pack. It’s been five months since then and though EA promised we’d receive plenty of DLC for the title, we have yet to see or hear about any. Patience however is a virtue and Battlefield 3 has three new expansions –with the first arriving in June– titled Close Quarters.

Close Quarters will consists of four new maps that all focus on (surprise) close quarters combat. Rather than the maps consisting of large tank warfare and fast moving jets, these locales will focus on the infantry of the battlefield. Though EA’s modern war shooter may emphasize large scale battles, it’ll be nice to not have to run for great distances just to reach the first objective. Battlefield 3 does do smaller maps quite well and the fan favorite Operation Metro shows that you don’t need a lot of commotion in both the air and land to have intense battles.

DICE Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, even mentioned that the flow of gameplay for these levels will be similar to Operation Metro, which is never a bad thing. In addition to the maps, the expansion will also add 10 new weapons to your arsenal.

Then in the fall, the Close Quaters expansion will be accompanied by the next batch of DLC called Armored Kill. This post launch add-on will focus on what Battlefield 3 is known for; large scale maps and more vehicular combat. Naturally, there will also be new vehicles to ride around in as well.

The last DLC announced (bringing the grand total to four) will be called End Game and will arrive sometime at the end of the year. No real details were given on that one however. Vox Games reports that all that was shown was “a logo that highlights a soldier surrounded by darkness with a knife drawn.” Could be as simple as a night themed levels or it could be single player DLC, or it could be new game modes. We don’t really know but hopefully we’ll hear about it soon.

Downloadble content isn’t the only new thing Battlefield 3’s plate. Joystiq reports that the CEO of DICE, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, announced that customizable servers were coming to the consoles. This feature has been on the PC counterpart for some time and console owners should love the ability to edit their servers how they see fit.

“All active players out there playing on consoles today will now have the opportunity to customize their servers and set them up exactly how they want them to play,” said Troedsson. “Now this is a feature that in Battlefield on PC we’ve had for some time, but it’s an absolute first on console. So, we’re pretty excited about this.”

There’s weren’t any details on pricing or time-frame for release.

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