Samsung Galaxy S III Not in April; Another Android LTE Device Likely

March 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is no scarcity of rumors here, but not often do we find companies coming out publicly to deny them or clarify them especially when the rumors are about the launch of an upcoming product.

Instead, they set the rumors aside with a silent response to our queries about such developments. But now, after the tech news valley was flooded with news that Samsung will roll out their much-anticipated Galaxy S III in April, the company has came out in public with a denial.

Many popular tech news sources have reported that the Korean Smartphone manufacture is going to roll out the successor of its much sought Galaxy S II in April, quoting sources from Cheil Worldwide, Samsung’s marketing and ad agency.

However, Samsung has come out with a denial through its Twitter account, saying that they are not planning such a Galaxy S III launch in April , but when they do, they will first shoot that information through Twitter. That is a good case, right?

Reading beyond the written word, what Samsung said is that they don’t have a Galaxy S III plan for April. But they can have other plans for April.

Sources close to the company say that the whole episode was due to a sort of confusion and the company actually plans to roll out another Android set in April.

Though we are yet to know the name of this device, it is heard that the rig will come with some LTE power.

But, that too is yet to get an official confirmation or denial from the company. Whatever the case may, Galaxy S II devices are having a god performance in the market with more than 20 million units already sold in markets worldwide.

Well, let’s keep an eye on Sammy’s tweets for an upcoming Galaxy S III running on ICS.

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