Google Assistant May Be Out in Q4 This Year as a Google Answer for Siri

March 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Recently, when Motorola rolled out a set of ads pitting Voice Actions for Android running on Moto phones against Siri on the iPhone, we told you that voice assisting technology did exist in smartphone platforms well before Siri.

Now, it seems Google is taking up the challenge more seriously to create a better voice assistant that will do more than just returning search results.

Fresh information on Google plans reveals that the folks at Mountain Vieware planning to unveil a multi-platform ‘Google Assistant’ by the end of year. The project was known to be a part of the earlier leaked Majel project from Google, however, now it is being taken up by the Android team as an attempt to expand the existing Voice Actions.

The move is crucial since the arch rival Apple is heard to be going to unleash the Siri power beyond Smartphone devices by integrating it into Apple TV. Google cannot just sit and watch it.

The Google Assistant project which is getting hurried for a deadline in last quarter of the year reportedly has three major goals. The major one is to make the upcoming feature more than just a voice based search. So the project wants to get the world’s knowledge put into a format which the computers can understand.

They also want to add a personalization layer to the experience. It is expected that the search giant is working overtime to assimilate knowledge from its experiences with Google +1 about how people interact with content.

The third and most crucial one is to make a voice-based ‘Do engine’ that can do more things than returning flat search results, but accomplishing real life goals.

However, one thing is almost sure. Google is going to leave it open for developers once it is done. That means, when the engine is out, third parties can also use its potentials to create better apps in that line.

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