Windows 8 Plays Well Both on Tablets and Desktops

March 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows 8 was a laborious task for Microsoft, who set out to get their share of the touch-based tablet platform without losing their legendary control over the desktop kingdom. A cursory look at Microsoft’s new platform throws unto us something quite interesting.

Talking of the new Windows 8 UI, we need to talk about MoSh or Modern Shell, which gives you all tiles that will take you to different apps – and at the same time give you up to date previews on them, when left idle.

When you tap on one of them, they go full screen, unlike the story onboard with earlier Windows versions. Devices with 1366×768 or higher resolution can have a split screen where one app can run in the majority of the screen while the other takes a narrow side bar.

The app bar, with a strip of commands along the bottom screen, replaces the usual tool bars and contextual menus of the old apps. The charms bar, with its always accessible five options – Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings – will also be a new navigation experience for long-time windows users.

Moreover, swiping is a major business here. Swiping from the left screen edge switches tasks, while a swipe in the opposite edge will give you the charms bar, a swipe from bottom or top gets you the app bar.

While that is the case with the tablet UI, desktop users have some old wine retained.  But, they have to train themselves overtime to work with the hot corner, the charms bar and other methods to navigate through, since the conventional start button is gone.

Everything else with the desktop is almost the same, except that the explorer packs the ribbon interface.

Well, for desktop users it will be hell of a change but good to pick up with. For tablet users, they are working on something which suits more for tablets.

However, we tend to say that Microsoft has succeeded in making the same wine which can easily go to both the bottles without issues.  Now Windows has done a good job, we are waiting for the manufacturing partners to bring in efficient systems that will help us tap most out of this new platform.

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