Pentax K-5 Silver Edition DSLR Camera; Limited Edition to Offer Just 1500 Units

March 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pentax has brought one more snapping machine from heaven to earth for the shutterbugs in the form of Pentax K-5 Silver edition.

It is different from the usual K-5 which was introduced earlier, in its looks and attire. Despite coming down, it is not going to be everywhere, but just with special folks, since the new Pentax K-5 Silver edition DSLR cam comes in a limited edition of just 1500 pieces.

This flagship model of the Pentax K series of digital single lens reflex camera is so special since it packs the ultra thin smc Pentax- D4 40 mm f2.8 XS lens.  Pentax claims it to be the thinnest of the lenses.

With this Pentax is offering one of the best rugged DSLRs available in the market now. Apart from its weather resistant body and tough design, the thin form factor lens designed by famous industrial designer Marc Newson, makes the total gadget a compact and easy one to use, something less possible with usual DSLR cameras.

Going by the features, the camera offers high ISO levels with up to ISO 51,200 which allow you to be utmost creative even at lower lights. It can offer a 7 fps continuous shooting and an 11 point auto focus system.

What makes it different from the usual K-5 is that the elegant silver finish that is given to the camera body and the lens barrel. Moreover, it comes with an updated firmware – version 1.13 – preloaded for improved efficiency.

In the US market this limited edition device will be sold for $1600 from April onwards. The rig can be ordered only at two places, Ace Photo and Pentax online store.

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