Sense Has Got Cluttered Too Much, Admits HTC; Version 4.0 to be a Minimalist

March 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Introspection and confessions are important, since they often help to improve. Not just human nature, but also the usability of the gadgets and software interfaces. We were reminded of this lesson recently when we heard HTC chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera talking about Sense 4.0.

He was humble enough to admit that HTC has failed to understand that Sense was getting too cluttered and so less usable with every updated version. The custom UI from HTC was appreciated much for its dynamic feel and visual appeal during the era of stock Android. As Android is improving its versions, HTC also cannot stay away from improving its custom User Interface.

They too went on and Sense 2.0 was a reasonable update. Though it ate up all the juice in the battery, users loved the UI, because it was simple and visually pleasing. But then onwards, HTC found the rules of the game slipping away through the fingers.

Further updates like Sense 3.0, turned Sense in to a cluttered space where users find shrinking chances of customization. That continued with the 3.5 version too. Plagued by bugs and cursed for extreme power consumption, Sense is not at a pleasant word for many users.

A company finding falling revenues cannot save its face in the market just with such a product. So they have decided to go back to Sense 2 for the HTC One.

According to Kodera, the actual concept behind Sense was to be simple and easy to use. So with Sense 4.0 about to be launched, the company vows to go back to that concept and will present a minimalist approach.

If Kodera’s words are anything to go by, Sense 4.0 will be a good balance between ICS and Sense elements.

If the change comes out sensible, that may help them, not only with the Sense, but also with the new entrants in the One series which as got much acclaim in the MWC. After all, Sense need to get some sense into it, right?

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