LookTel Recognizer App to Help the Visually Impaired to Identify Objects

March 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now there is an app for that, is the usual sarcasm that marks the space where today’s technology has reached. But wait a minute, there is no need to be sarcastic, but there is an app to replace human eye too.

Rather, the new app from NanatWorks named LookTel Recognizer will help the visually impaired to recognize objects instantaneously by pointing the camera of their iOS device to it momentarily.

Though it may seem a hype, the app comes from the developers, who have within a short time span, earned a five star rating and positive reviews in the app store for the Money Reader app they have developed earlier to helps the visually impaired people to identify and count bills.

The new app also uses the same visual recognition technology patented by the company. What the app does is simple. It recognizes an object based on the images stored in its database.

After a smaller and quicker training period, the app claims to recognize day to day items like CDs in a music collection, items on a grocery store and anything of the sort. It can also help the user to recognize entrance or door of a building, signs above the stores or rest rooms. It also helps the user to identify objects based on the bar code information also.

During the training period, the user can click a photo of the object and store it in the database of the app along with an audio description of the object. Once the training is over, the biggest boon is that no need to click a photo, but just pointing the camera on to an object will make the app to recognize it.

Moreover, the users can update and backup their database through emails and can share it with others. It uses Voice Over to give the visual cues, so works easily with anything beyond iPhone 3GS. The app comes for $9.99, but vision is beyond some dollars. Find it here at iTunes App Store.

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