Eight Million Spam Texts a Day; UK Fights Spamming the Hard Way by Blocking 20000 SIM Cards

March 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Spamming is one of the worst realities we meet every day in the new communication spaces, be it on our mobile phones or mail accounts.

Spam mails, to a great extent, are filtered, but spam texts are not, so far. But we need not tell you how annoying it is to get a dozen of them daily, once you lose your number to the spammers.

Authorities are vowed to make a change, at least in UK, with special powers given to Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to fight the menace. ICO, as part of fighting it out, has blocked some twenty thousand mobile phone SIM cards which have been found to be sending out spam texts.

If you think that is a big number and something sizeable has been done to stop spamming, it is not.

ICO has just started scratching the surface of a big problem, it seems.UK alone, according to a recent estimate, has some eight million spam messages sent to mobile phone users a day. The 20000 SIM cards could be just a bucket full of water in that sea.

The pattern is very interesting. Once you apply for loan or similar purposes, or gives your number to organisations who does not keep clear privacy policies, the number may accessed by spammer rackets, who sell it to first users for £1 or £1.50 per number. After spamming it for a month, the number will be resold to other organizations for 50p, 20p, 10p a time.

However, ICO is out with more stringent measures than blocking the SIMs. They can now issue and execute search warrants to find evidence for spam texting. They can also get necessary information from network carriers and slap fines to the tune of £500,000.

ICO suggest users not to respond to spam in any way. If you want, some carriers have special text numbers to which users can forward a spam text, with which they can trace out the source.

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