Chinese Drones May Use Genetic Algorithms to Hunt Down Submarines in Future

March 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What has got military research to do with genetics? Nothing, if you are not into making biological or genetic weapons, right? But you may be wrong.

The military researchers in China have recently published a research article on how genetic algorithms can bring in fruitful results in military applications for hunting down secretive military targets like submarines.

A recent research report has come out much to the embarrassment of the scientific community which says that the natural genetic pattern which sieves out the weaker organisms and naturally select the best genetic strains to win the fight for survival, can be used in Unmanned Arial Vehicles.

The Chinese research says the unmanned bombers which can be launched from war ships can be guided to opt for a specific route with the help of the genetic algorithm while hunting down submarines.

As per the researchers, as the genetic pattern selects and survives the best organism, the drones can select the best routes based on different factors like fuel capacity, chances of attack and other factors.

However, it is not for the first time that Chinese researchers are embarrassing by publishing such strategically important military research.

A similar research paper has earlier caused furor in the US when it turned out to be an academic description of how to hack a major chunk of the electricity grid in the US.

The research is not some joke, since successfully hunting down submarines have been a major factor which helped win many wars since World War II. Now if the Chinese opt to go the genetic algorithm way, who knows about the fate of the upcoming war days.

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