Apple Next Gen iPad Could be Named iPad HD

March 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has the habit of fooling the rumor mills and their predictions and assumptions close to the launch of a new Apple device.

They often do it with the name of the device. Straight-forward human beings think 3 succeeds 2 and 5 comes after 4, but Apple may not always go that way.

We have learnt that lesson from the Cupertino giant last year, when everybody jumped into heated debates on the features of an upcoming iPhone 5. But then, Apple came out with iPhone 4S making everybody sort of fools.

History repeats often, but we don’t notice. Here is the next generation iPad device, just days away from an official launch in San Francisco.

We dare not to call it iPad 3 in our posts, but now there are surprising hints emerging that the new iPad may be called iPad HD owing to its highly rumored retina display.

Well, the info first got leaked from a parts listing from Griffin and Belkin. Though accessories makers are usually not given any idea on the features or names of upcoming devices, they may get clear hints close to launch to produce apt packaging. The listing mentions both iPad 2 and iPad HD, making it probable that the latter name indicates the upcoming device.

Moreover, there are unconfirmed reports from certain analytics apps finding activities from devices named iPad HD from April 2011 onwards.

Though it is something which can be doctored, the resolution of the device under suspicion is shown to be 2048×1536, which resembles that of the rumored resolution of the upcoming iPad display.  To be on the safer side, it could be a desktop monitor too.

However, iPad HD is a possible name since there are no rumors of any other ground breaking features with the upcoming iPad. Moreover, it features the highest resolution display than the existing iOS devices.

So there is high chance that Apple may keep away the iPad 3 name for the next big thing from them.  But when it is with Apple, it’s better not to go for wild guesses!

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