Sony Cybershot H Series Compact Cameras Get New Models for the US Market

March 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

 A while ago we had told you about Sony’s new rugged ideas in the Cyber Shot line-up. It looks like they are not done yet.

As if in a bid to flood the US market with low-end to mid range compact cameras, they have launched more gadgets in their Cyber Shot series. Spanning over a price range of $480 to $250, all these rigs pack high optical zoom and HD video recording in order to lure consumers into the camera market.

The higher range device among the lot is the DSC-HX200V, which packs a massive 30x zoom Carl ZeissVario-Tessar lens and 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor. With its 3 inch wide tilted display, it offers 1080/60p Full HD, high speed AF and high ISO for low-light conditions.

The next in the price line are the DSC-HX30 and DSC-HX20 which will cost $420 and $400 respectively. Both share a lot with the top bro in their fast AF, High ISO, 18.2 MP sensors, Full HD video recording, LCD display and many other features. However, both these rigs pack only 20x optical zoom. Unfortunately, these devices will be delayed until May.

What makes DSC HX30 different from DSC HX20 is its Wi-Fi capability. It can share the captured contents quickly to smartphones, tablets or HD TVs through Wi-Fi connections. Users can also upload photos and videos instantly using PlayMemories app available free with the rig.

For the middle segment of the consumer cam market, Sony packs DSC-HX10 with a same 18.2 MP sensor and fast auto Focus but a trimmed up 16x optical zoom. Full HD video recording in this rig comes down to 60i instead of the high quality 60p in its top comrades. However, like the top end cameras in the series it also offers GPS and Dual-Record.

The last in the line-up is DSC H90 which comes for $250 and packs a 16.1 MP CCD sensor and a 16x optical zoom. Video recording goes down to 720p HD here.

All the cameras except DSC HX30 and DSC HX20 come with SoRPI plastic body which is made up of 99 percent recycled materials.  All the new rigs except these two are available next month. Pre-order them here.


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