HP Axes More webOS Employees

March 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

webOS is going to be open source, and so HP is axing employees. In a saddening move, HP has declared that they are going to cut down the number of employees working with webOS further, as they are planning a transition from making devices and hardware to developing open source software.

The transition, according to the company, makes it no longer necessary to hold many of the engineering and related positions that it required before.

So they are not calling it a lay-off, but want to axe the employees in the engineering section.

The move from the webOS maker is expected to affect more than half of the total number of current webOS employees.

Presently, there are around 500 employees working for webOS and 275 among them, who used to engineer solutions that made webOS work with the hardware, are expected to be affected by the axing move from HP.

The company feels that it is necessary to turn the work force into a 225 member strength ‘nimble team that is well equipped to deliver an open source webOS’.

The move came next to the webOS maker’s decision to push the webOS workforce out of the Palm campus and rehabilitate it in the new space company owned from a merger in Cupertino.

Hewlett-Packard giving pink slips to webOS employees is not a new matter though. They have done so in September by axing 525 of them as part of dismantling the webOS workforce.

However, an official statement from the company claims that it is working on to redeploy employees who are affected by the current axing in its other divisions.

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