Google Wallet Gets a Major Security Fix; Brings Back the Smiles

March 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Finally, a security fix for the Google Wallet. An update to Google Wallet, which is major in nature, brings in core system fixes to the service, which will hopefully prevent any phishing attempts or PIN hacks.

A major setback had come unto Google Wallet when it was found that credit card information can be acquired from Google Wallet with little effort by hackers and the Google wallet PIN numbers can be easily unearthed in rooted devices due to the flaws in the security architecture.

The issue had forced many users to approach the service sceptically and Google tried to get back the credibility with a temporary patch up which made usage of prepaid credit cards impossible with Google Wallet for a period of time.

But now it seems the search giant has come out with core fixes for Google Wallet, which has warded off the security concerns.

The update also offers ability to handle PO Boxes for Prepaid Card top up and also has increased allowable address length for the same.

The update also brings in fixes to rewards card syncing. In addition to sealing the chinks, the update is claimed to take in improvements for supporting more handsets.

However, users playing with the Wallet with the help of the Application Package File that was available earlier may not find the update. We suggest install Wallet through a bypass.

Go to Android Market from your Android browser and search for Wallet. After selecting install, sign in to your Google account.

Once you are signed in, press the back button until you are asked opt for Market. A detailed guide is available here and it is found working.

Google has also rolled out minor updates to Google + and Google Authenticator. The former has got some stability fixes and the latter some security bug fixes, according to official statements. Updates are always welcome.

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