Dell PowerEdge M420 Two Socket Blade Server Gets a Surprise Show Case

March 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dell has come out with a cute set of servers in their PowerEdge 12G family during a preview event in San Francisco. The company has shown off six machines at the event, which were already known ones, but Dell kept some exciting secret for the suspense-crazy.

During the event, Dell Server Platform’s general manager Forrest Norrod just took it out from behind the podium all of a sudden, leaving viewers dumbstruck.

The machine which came the surprise way is dubbed as PowerEdge M420 and is now said to be a quarter-high two-socket blade server. M420 comes with such a form factor that you can stack four of them in a single slot of the 10U PowerEdge M1000e blade server chassis, if you stack them up vertically.

That means you can easily accommodate 32 server nodes on an M 1000e blade server chassis since it has got 8 slots. That makes it 128 nodes in a rack.

However, M420 will not be counted as a microserver according to Intel’s definition, since it is a two socket blade server.

Moreover, since the M420 has the same integrated switching and systems management like other blade servers, it will still stand outside the microserver concept of Intel.

Though no clear clues have emerged so far on the processor chip to be used inside M420, since it does not have a ‘5’ in its name, it is less likely to use an Opteron 4200 or 6200 processor.

In the same way, since the name ends with a ‘0’, it could be running a Xenon processor – most probably a Sandy Bridge Xenon E5 variant.  Well, that is a guess, and we will wait for more surprises.

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