Windows 8 Revolution is All Set to Happen

February 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A ground breaker comes once in a decade. When it comes, it stays with a generation or two of users. We are at the doorstep of meeting such a ground breaker. Microsoft is all set to present the Consumer Preview Edition of the new version of the Windows platform – Windows 8 at Barcelona in a few hours from now.

Windows 8 is a point in a story which is preceded by a lot of ups and downs. Microsoft taken the scepter and isle of public computing market from Apple in the 1980s and raised a generation shaping their computing perception around Windows based PCs.

At that time, Windows 95 was something like a new iPhone now.  It ruled the world literally with presence in markets all over the world, with no capable rival to challenge its name.

But things changed gradually. Windows ME was a joke; XP was usable but had lot of security holes.Vista solved the security issues but that was too much on usability side. Windows 7 was almost an XP cut of Vista. Read, there was lack on innovation.

But Windows 8 is an overhaul, both in the design and its nature. It is going to make a transition from the age old practices of personal computers and is going to give an upper hand for Microsoft in the dynamic portable gadget market very soon.

The Metro user interface which will replace the start button is going to be a hard lesson for the conservative PC user, but will be taken to hearts by millions of new generation users.

Moreover, Windows 8 on ARM will be the key for Microsoft to attract more takers for the platform among the tablet and smartphone manufacturers thus extending its presence and performance in the new battle field.

The transition is going to be smoother, despite being a ground breaking change in the nature and structure of the platform. Microsoft cannot help desert the old desktop applications, so it will keep a desktop version of Windows 8 for the old apps will work with it.

But the Metro gives an overhaul not only to how apps were developed but also how they were marketed. Sharing the revenue with Microsoft will be a new experience for developers, though many of them do it with iOS.

Apart from all these ground breaking features, we feel that Windows 8 will be the major landmark which indicates the transition from PCs to touch based portable devices. Moreover, it will give a chance for Microsoft to take back the crown from Apple in the new battle field of tablets and smartphone. Don’t you think so? Let us know.

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