Twitter Pushing Promoted Tweets on Mobile

February 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter on mobile has reached one more step closer to its web version with the micro blogging service deciding to push the ads to their mobile users too.

Starting today, Twitter users will find the promoted tweets on their mobile screens, much the same way they find it in their desktop or laptop screens.

However, in the beginning, only iPhone and Android users will find the promoted tweets and accounts on their Twitter timeline. iPad will stay away from the tweet ads for the time being.

Earlier, advertisements were limited to the search function of Twitter as far as mobile phone users of this most popular micro blogging service are concerned.

Now they will see the promoted tweets, trends and accounts from brands they follow in their timelines flowing with the rest of the tweets when they scroll down.

That means the promoted tweets will appear on the timeline only if you are following them. However, that is just the case in the beginning.

Twitter has made it clear that soon the ads will hit every mobile user even if they don’t follow any brand.

The move, according to the service, will help people see important tweets from the brands they care about. In effect, Twitter will get an additional revenue source.

Twitter has also decided to allow self-serve ads from March onwards in a promotional attempt with American Express. The change is expected to help them accommodate the new ad buys.

However, web ads and mobile ads make it in one go as far as ad buys are concerned, since Twitter does not sell them separate.

It has been two years since Twitter has introduced ads to its website. It is making a hefty amount through such ads. As per certain market estimates, Twitter’s ad revenue last year were $139.5 million and it is expected to hit a $259.9 million this year.

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