Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice Command Cheat Sheet

February 29, 2012, By Christian Davis

EA’s Mass Effect 3 is so unbelievably close to being released that we can barely hide our emotions. The first two games were fantastic and the third title seems to be the best of them all. With a variety of trailers (both CG and live action), already confirmed DLC, and an Xbox LIVE demo, Mass Effect 3 has been on our minds for the past couple of months. Multiplayer is a new addition to the game and has proven to be a surprisingly fun experience. That’s not the only new feature making an appearance however. Mass Effect 3 will also make use of the Kinect’s voice command functionality.

EA aims to have the players feel more immersed in the title by calling out what they want Commander Shepard or one of the various squad members to do, rather than constantly pull up the squad control menu.

For example, if you want Commander Shepard to switch weapons, simply say “switch weapons.” Same goes with every other one of Commander Shepard’s actions. If you want to select a specif ammo type, simply say it and the game will react accordingly.

When controlling squad members, you’ll have to say the members name with the action followed. Phrases like “Garrus sniper rifle” will have your favorite Turian switch to that weapon.

Below we have a link for you to download and print your very own cheat sheet. This way, when you’re busy saving the world from Reapers, you won’t have to worry about what command to call out.

Mass Effect 3 Cheat Sheet.

Mass Effect 3 will be available on March 6th.

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