Freescale Xtrinsic eCompass Sensor Fusion Software at MWC

February 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here is a story for developers from the MWC venue. Freescale Semiconductor, a top name in embedded processing solutions, has rolled out their new sensor fusion software solution named Xtrinsic eCompass at MWC. Getting the optimized data from different sensors on a gadget is no more an issue to worry about.

Sensors on a gadget, be it a smartphone or tablet, are very important these days as they are often the backbone of the exciting gaming experience and many similar apps on these devices.

All such apps will work smooth only if they get precise and optimized data from different sensors. The job is all with the developers’ hand to get the data from different sensors and crunch it so that the user can play with the app.

Now things have become easier with Xtrinsice Compass  software, which will provide highly optimized magnetic data that is needed for the apps.

The software works with an Xtrinsic accelerometer and magnetometer to get highly accurate magnetic data which is essential for apps which deal with augmented reality, 3D gaming and location based services.

The advanced sensor fusion algorithm used in the new solution will bring in the optimal sensor fusion by utilizing the inherent strengths of each sensor and then using them to compliment the data from others.

Some of the features of the new sensor fusion software include full tilt-compensated compass data, pitch and compass angles and soft iron and hard iron calibration.

Using standard ANSI C source code, it requires only 6.5 KB RAM and is compatible with existing mobile platforms and hardware. If you are a developer and want to try a hand on it, get it here.

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