Motorola Pits Voice Actions for Android against Siri in New Ad Series [Videos]

February 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intelligent voice assistance technology has been much hyped since Apple acquired Siri and made it a flagship feature on iPhone 4S. There has been a series of advertisements from Apple, touting about its feminine voice search assistant.

However, hype often overshadows the past and the existing truth. Motorola had enough of the hype from Apple on Siri and wants to tell a word or two about other intelligent voice assistance apps.

Motorola, which is being acquired by search giant Google, wants to remind you that  Voice Actions for Android  from Google exists and it is almost like Siri on  iPhone 4S even if the phones are not as fast as iPhone 4S.

Motorola has rolled out a series of advertisements, in the usual timed competition format. In the competition, three phones from Motorola, the Electrify, Atrix 2 and Photon 4G with Voice Actions are pitted against Siri on an iPhone 4S.

Holding both phones visible to the viewers, an invisible task master assigns similar voice tasks like finding a driving direction, going to Moto website and sending a text to both applications.

Well, if we frankly look at the differences apart from the ads, Siri is more intuitive, can handle more complex questions and accents and can even answer to difficult questions which need more than just facts or directions. Voice Actions is not that flexible.

However, the ads are using comparatively straight questions, but that is what people often search in day to day life. On usability and reach, Siri is restricted to iPhone 4S but Android Voice Actions is available for any devices running anything from Android 2.2. Well, the decision is up to you, now watch the ads after the break.

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