Cisco SecureX Intelligent Threat Monitoring to Cover ASA 5500 Series X Firewall; Will Cover All Devices

February 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Network security will get a much needed beefing up with Cisco pushing the service of its intelligent threat monitoring system to its entire firewall.

With the move, the SecureX threat monitoring system will be extended to some of its largest firewalls including Cisco ASA CX firewall, making their hardware smarter and releasing the pressure on the IT managers.

As a part of improving the security situation, the company will also upgrade its Trustsec and Identity Service Engine (ISE). It will help the company to monitor threats on the cloud and a range of devices.

The upgrade, however, does not bring in any hardware addition, since only the intelligence of the existing security systems is improved.

The move will bring in the power of SecureX not only to the core router and switching processes, but also to data, audio and video, thus covering the whole Cisco landscape.

The improved intelligence is produced from the research and analysis from its day to day business with data handling. It is not a small deal. Cisco is estimated to handle 35 percent of the world’s total email.

It alone constitutes 4 TB of information a day. Every day, Cisco systems route 30 billion website requests. The analysis of this huge information flow allows them to improve the SecureX intelligence every now and then to face new challenges.

Presently, the ASA CX system from Cisco is capable of identifying more than thousand applications including the popular social networking sites. Moreover, it can even recognize 75,000 micro applications as well.

This precision allows the system to fine tune the data flow and access. For example, it can allow access to a social networking site, but at the same time block a specific application inside the same social networking site.

Though the company is tight lipped on the road map of the roll out, it has been learned that the SecureX will be built into the ASA 5500 Series X firewalls for large and medium sized business sectors in the beginning.

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