Hardware Specs May Turn Meaningless in Smartphone War as User Experience Weighs More

February 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has become a norm for the companies to brag about the specification of their devices when they are at the launching platform. The game was same at the present MWC too, when it gave us a series of phone announcements the other day. But HTC stood out, with a different approach. That is a clue for everybody worth writing down.

As only a bunch of platforms got popular and killed the variety of choices in the software front, the focus of the manufacturers turned to touting about the hardware upper hand, like the number of cores with the processor or the ability to crunch down the graphics.

The story was same at the MWC when Huwei touted its new Ascend D Quad as world’s fastest Smartphone. Sony, playing its part alone without Ericsson also bragged about the quad core chips and the lot in their upcoming product. LG also announced that they will roll out the Optimus 4X HD this year, with all top specs in each category.

However, when it came to HTC, they spent an hour talking about the new One series of phones but spent less than a minute to talk about the processor they use. Their focus was more on the user experience of the device say, while using the super camera on One X and the lot. It more seemed like an Apple styled presentation.

The moral of the story is that HTC has learned well that the average user, apart from the analysts and hardcore enthusiasts, does not care about numbers but the emotional feel and experience they get from a device.

The hardcore phone crazy folks may not agree, but we think phone makers should try to project their products in the market that way, instead of hatching up devices with top specs which will float in the lime light momentarily, to be replaced by another with a better specification.

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