Microsoft Windows 8 Likely to Give Windows Live and Zune Names the Boot

February 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After so much has been said about the different Windows 8 logo, it is now heard that Microsoft’s latest OS will not be featuring Windows Live and Zune. It is rumored that the two popular MS brands will not be seen on Microsoft’s Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 to be announced next week.

Though the reasons are unclear, Microsoft’s plan to end Windows Live and Zune has been done supposedly to categorize all the brands under one name by replacing the current different brand names. Also, one of the major issues could be that the Windows Live services can be easily accessed on various non-Windows platforms via a web browser.

It is said that in Windows 8, the Windows Live applications will be renamed “Windows Communication” whereas the Windows Live ID will be know as “Microsoft Account”. Meanwhile, the Zune music and video service will be moved to the “Xbox Live for Windows” category.

Speculations are that Microsoft will be substituting Zune with a Spotify-like service on Xbox Live. We also hear the Zune desktop client will not be seen in the upcoming Windows Phone 8. Until now, Microsoft hasn’t responded to the possible disappearance of Windows Live and Zune brands. Will you be happy to see Windows 8 without the two famed MS brands?

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