Proton 4G Cars Set for Malaysia Launch; Connected to Yes 4G Networks

February 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Proton, the national car makers of Malaysia, and Yes 4G Networks have entered into a partnership to introduce the country’s first 4G-enabled cars. The sedan, christened P3-21A, is expected to launch soon, and would be linked onto Yes 4G networks to provide super fast 4G internet connections.

Yes has a vast telecommunication network inside the country. About 65 percent of Malaysia’s inhabited area comes under the roof of Yes Network, and it has one of the largest 4G network in the entire world.

The 4G connects the cars on to the network, when take they take shape, and is expected to transform the overall outlook of this south- East Asian nation.

A large portion of the country is still uninhabited and is covered by forests. The Borneo jungles are extremely popular, and large number of tourists reaches the country, attracted by Borneo jungles. The tourism sector generates huge amount of revenue into country’s economy.

Yes has got the title of country’s only network provider who offers seamless 4G connectivity. Their 4G network extends over 960 km along North- South Expressway and covers a large portion of East- Coast Expressway. So there is pretty huge scope for 4G enabled vehicles along these Expressways.

But then, we still have no info as to when the 4G enabled cars would arrive or how much they would demand out of your wallet. The company has said the cars will come soon. Let’s hope to see the 4G enabled vehicles soon.

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