Even the Dessert Goes 3D at the Academy Awards Party This Year [Video]

February 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is obvious that Hollywood is under a 3D coup. Look at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Anybody can safely launch a bet that more 3D movies will win this Oscars this year than ever before, as many of the films nominated for the Awards were made available in the three-dimensional format.

What’s even more interesting is that the awards ceremony and the related events will have an overdose of three-dimension, this time. Though we are not very sure about the whole stuff, there have been enough clues from the master chef Wolfgang Puck that the Governor’s Ball will have a good pinch of 3D even on the dishes.

The official top chef of the biggest after show party for those who attend the Academy Awards show has already made it public that he will bring in some 3D dessert as a special dish for the Governor’s Ball.

For heavens sake, we don’t know what he means by a 3D dessert. From the clues we have got so far, the dessert will give you some 3D feel, if you look at it wearing 3D goggles. May be something like the confection jumping at you! It is said that everybody who attends the Governors Ball will get a pair 3D goggles to feel the 3D dessert.

Though analysts feel The Artist, a movie which not actually shot in 3D, will bag most of the awards, that is not going to put down the mystery around the 3D dessert at the Governor’s Ball.

Hope Puck will spill the beans on the recipe after the event. But don’t think the dessert will be delicious for being 3D, since it is just a business with eyes and not with the tongue.


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