T-Mobile Going LTE this Year; Move Aimed at Keeping Customer Base Intact

February 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One carrier is learning the Apple lesson the hard way. T-Mobile has had enough contract deactivations from its long time consumers for a sole reason – the carrier cannot afford to carry an iPhone 4S, since it is yet to modernize its networks.  They also have not rolled out their long-promised  LTE Network.

To put an end to it, T-Mobile CEO and President Phillipp Humm has announced a $1.4 billion network improvement investment plan for T-Mobile for 2012.

The latest earning call from T-Mobile officially admitted that the launching of iPhone 4S by three network rivals have negatively impacted its contract business in the fourth quarter of the last year.

It was not a sudden fall for the network, as far as number of customers are concerned. Actually, the company witnessed a notable portion of its contract customers abandoning the network in the third quarter of last year itself.

The launch of iPhone 4S by competitors, in effect, became the necessary push for the doubting folks who were mulling over leaving the network.

In fact, the move to switch to LTE networks was expected from T-Mobile after AT&T parent company Deutsche Telekom has handed over a huge chunk of AWS spectrum from its stables to T-Mobile as compensation for the failure of a definitive agreement between them to acquire T-Mobile last year.

However, the network will have to suffer through the upcoming quarters too, since it will take some time before they can roll out the LTE capabilities to its fullest under their network modernization initiative.

Till the launch of the full fledged LTE network, T-Mobile is planning to extend more HSPA+ coverage with new installations across 37000 cell sites.

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