Intel Ivy Bridge Shows 122 Percent Better Performance Than Sandy Bridge

February 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Okay we had told you lots about Intel’s Ivy Bridge already. And now, what we are going to tell you is, to wait, till it come out, if you are planning to go for an upgrade on your laptop or MacBook.

We have a reason to do so, because, our sources swear that the new rig is a great warrior as far as crunching down graphics is concerned.

As per the emerging details, the upcoming Ivy Bridge chip will be a big leap from the present Sandy Bridge as far as the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is concerned.

A recent report on the testing of the upcoming chip has showed a jump of 122 percent in GPU performance on Ivy Bridge when compared to the current Sandy Bridge chip.

That means gamers will be 122 percent happier when switched from a Sandy Bridge machine to an Ivy Bridge one.

The chip has shown better performance when fielded for different games. It performed 71.6 percent better than a Sandy Bridge chip while playing Left 4 Dead 2.

Ivy Bridge performed well with other games too when compared to Sandy Bridge. The difference was 43 percent for Street Fighter IV, 30.2 percent for Starcraft II, 51.8 percent for DiRT 3 and 84.5 percent for Farcry 2.

However, a good GPU is not always a game business. All your high degree image manipulators and multimedia will also run smoothly with a good performing GPU.

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