Facebook New Upgraded Premium Ad Products to Show Up on February 29th

February 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heard this, folks? Facebook is set to launch new upgraded premium ad products, designed specially for friends of advertisers’ fans.

The launch is expected to fall on February 29th, and would replace all classic premium ads with the new upgraded premium ads.

A leaked document says that “anything you post on your wall could be turned into an ad, and upgraded ads can be directed to anybody having a Facebook account”.

Why should the social media behemoth introduce the upgrade at all? It’s because the newly integrated feature lodges a slew of possibilities.

For instance, as soon as Facebook finds that the person seeing an ad is friends with fans of the page, it could expand the ad and import all social contexts of that user.

The upgraded premium ad will also allow fans to comment on the post directly from the ad, through a sophisticated expanded interface. Thus, it would reach more people in more engaging manner.

The new ad is said to be presented in larger formats, aimed to create more participation. The new adaptation will boost engagement by 40 percent and thereby increase the retention by a factor of 80 percent. It will also enhance fan rate by 16 percent, increasing the purchase intent significantly in turn.

How does the new premium ad differ from the classic ad? A photo, video, question, status, event, or link can be put as an ad. The new ad will replace almost all classic ad options. Moreover, the older version would gradually disappear by February 29th.

Interestingly, marketplace ads, featured on the right column will stay intact, and won’t be affected by this upgrade. We are now waiting to hear from folks at Facebook on the new upgrade. Stay with us.

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