Spec Ops: The Line Comes To Retailers June 26th

February 21, 2012, By Christian Davis

Remember that third person military shooter with the sand? Yeah, that was really the best I could do to describe the game. Spec Ops: The Line came and went and then we just didn’t hear from it for a long time– and then it came back with a short multiplayer beta, and then it disappeared again. Sort of like that guy who randomly comes over and crashes on your couch for weeks at a time.

Now that guy (2K’s Spec Ops: The Line) has officially moved into your house and there’s nothing you can do about it. 2K’s sandy third person shooter has been pushed back several times but has now solidified a date of June 26th.

Along with it’s release date came an announcement for a “Premium Edition” copy of the game which will feature a variety of multiplayer bonus content for those who pre-order the game from a specific retailer. Though no retailers were listed, Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy are probably your best bets.

The premium edition of the game gives you access to the “FUBAR pack” which contains a slew of additional multiplayer content which includes access to the AK-47 at rank one, ability to use the officer class at rank one, and double XP for the first week of online play.

Check out the trailer below.

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