Rockstar Explains The Research Behind The Posh Lifestyle In Max Payne 3

February 21, 2012, By Christian Davis

The latest Max Payne 3 trailer showed an abundance of helicopters flying rich people around Brazil. Naturally, in all forms of media the rich entrepreneur is always depicted riding around helicopters and pouring champagne out onto the streets just because he/she can.

The champagne being poured from a flying vehicle may be just an exaggeration (I’m just a writer, how would I know?) but the constant travel via helicopter is authentic to every daily life is São Paulo, Brazil. Rockstar really did their homework on Max Payne 3 and wanted to ensure that the title had the utmost accuracy when designing a world set in a city that has the most helicopters in the entire world. No, I’m not joking.

In Rockstar’s latest installment for their Rockstar Research segment the team bespeaks a genuine familiarity for living in Brazil. The helicopters that had a lot of prevalence in the trailer are there for a good reason. In Brazil, there are traffic jams that extend well over 100 miles making a simple trip to the store and hour long endeavor. Being a well known filthy rich business man with important places to go and important people to see, being late isn’t a good look. Flying through the air is the quickest and most efficient method of travel.

Flying is also the safest. Rockstar went on to note that the crime rate is still exponentially high in São Paulo, making it dangerous for these wealthy individuals to walk or even drive down these streets. A traffic jam would make them a sitting target for a mugging and that’s not a risk that they can take. So, unless there’s some sort of super villain who can steal from people while flying, they should be completely secure in the air.

During their research, the publisher was surprised to see the city literally peppered with helicopter pads at the top of most skyscrapers. It would appear that they’re almost as common as Taxi’s in New York, which is just nuts to think about. So when exploring the world of Max Payne 3, don’t be surprised if you run across a helicopter pad–or 20.

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