Review: MUNITIO Billet 9mm Earphones And SITi 9mm Earphones

February 21, 2012, By Christian Davis

The most important thing about headphones are the sound quality. Ensuring that your favorite artist or band comes through with the utmost clarity– when you’re on the go or lounging at home– is what really makes a pair of headphones worth the money. Headphones and earphones are getting more expensive by the minute and if you’re going to fork upwards of $100 for a pair, they’d better be damn good.

If you’re an audiophile, odds are you’ve heard of MUNITIO. Known for the world’s first titanium-coated and 18K gold plated earphones that were released in 2010. Since then, the company has skyrocketed and now have two of the best pair of earphones on the market: the Billet and SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) headphones.

From my personal experience with the “in ear” type of earphones, they’ve always been sub-par. Aside from not comfortably fitting in my ears, the noise isolation was next to non-existent. Crying babies, car horns, and chatter of other people muffled my own music and in turn stopped my enjoyment. Both the Bullet and SITi achieved what earphones in the past have failed to do for me  in one effortless swoop.

I tested both headphones in several different situations with varying surrounding audio levels. The noise isolating SiliconeHollowPoints are exceptionally good, maybe too good. I’ve missed phone calls, door bells, and people trying to get my attention just to name a few. All aspects of the music was heard mostly with crystal clear clarity but there were times where the sound would perhaps muffle itself.  From what I can tell, this was due to having the ear buds in too deep and there were times where I needed to have the earphones at a certain position so I could hear all the aspects of a progressive metal album for example.

That’s not to say that this is a deal breaker though, especially when it comes to the bass hounds out there. The bass in these earphones are nice and full but for my personal liking, not the best. These have been built from “the inside out” and have their patented BassEnhancingChamber which is said to use the same fundamentals as “higher end home and car speakers.” However with a statement like that,  you would expect the bass to be a bit more aggressive and heavier. It’s softer than you’d expect and for some, it could leave more to be desired, but if you like it softer, than this won’t be a concern for you.

Not only is sound quality some of the best around, but how they feel when wearing them is also, for the most part, excessively comfortable. A lot of times, these earphones are manufactured with a  “one size fits all” type of design. Obviously, that’s not true because we all don’t have the same sized ears if you haven’t noticed. I was initially a bit hesitant when opening up the headphones because these have never really fit into my ears too snug and comfortably.  With both sets of headphones however, you’ll receive six sets (three clear with black core and three clear with white core) SiliconeHolowPoints tips in small, medium, and large sizes.

Putting the earphones in felt comfortable and fit in perfectly once I opted to use the small sized tips. This could be due to the fact that these are heavier earphones as opposed to other types that I have experience. When running, the comfort level shifted to the negative side a bit because I could feel them loosening as I moved. To counteract the inevitable ear fatigue on my own, I had the headphone wires pointed upward instead and that alleviated quite a bit of the weight.

The Billets attempted to solve the issue with earphone hooks that would attach to the earphone and go around your ear. Though a nice addition to have, they felt cumbersome and uncomfortable and were better off without them.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the earphones, they’re definitely an eye catcher. The term 9mm is in the title for a reason–they’re modeled after 9 millimeter bullets which just look cool. The design of both the SITi and the Billets are pretty similar, but the SITi’s have a Kevlar wrapped wire, similar to that of the Zune Premium Earphones, which provides for a more comfortable and sturdy feel. Though if you decided to go with the Billets, that gives you the option to purchase the Modern Warfare 3 branded model. Also, the packaging it came in was really nice and you can tell you were getting a higher end product.

Spending time with the 9mm Billets and SITi has been an overall enjoyable experience, though not perfect. Music was heard with great clarity, though it could be a bit more “bassier.” Exterior noise cancellation is better than I expected and will allow you to solely focus on whoever or whatever you happen to be listening to at the price of missing someone who’s trying to get your attention. For the price of both the Billet and the SITi, they’re definitely worth picking up and joining their MUNITIO’s “Mobile Lifestyle Movement.”

For more information on these earphones and to purchase them, head over to the official website for MUNITIO earphones.


Both the 9mm Billets and SITi were provided by MUNITIO for review.

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