Call of Duty Coming To The PS Vita

February 21, 2012, By Christian Davis

It was already stated that Activision would be publishing a Call of Duty title on Sony’s latest handheld, the PS Vita. When only that small tidbit of information was released, we had no idea when we’d be seeing the upcoming handheld title. In a conversation with Game Trailers, Sony’s VP Guy Longworth gave us a time frame for when we can expect to see the handheld version of one of the most lucrative first person shooters of our time.

According to Longworth, we’ll be seeing a Call of Duty title on the Vita this Autumn. That’s really all the information he gave us. We have no idea what the game’s full title will be or who the developer is–but at least we know it’s coming.

This leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Will this title take advantage of the handheld’s cross-play mechanic which allows a user’s game to be synced between the console and the handheld, so progress can continue while on the go? If so, that means the handheld title will also have a console counterpart as well. Is it going to be Black Ops 2 or a completely new Call of Duty title? Is this going to be included in Activision’s annual Call of Duty releases?

You can really go on and on discussing this and all we can really do at this point is wait it out and see what they have in store.

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