Apple iPad 3 Image Leaks; Shown Incorporating an 8 MP Camera

February 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here comes yet another reason to believe there could be an announcement on the Apple iPad 3 any time now. An image we stumbled upon claims to be that of the new generation tablet which Apple is expected to announce this March.

And, after the long wait, all you iPad 3 fans can now take a deep breath.

The image that allegedly shows the rear of iPad 3 tells a lot about the hotly anticipated device. Going by the image, the device is seen as well equipped with a cellular antenna, a wonderful camera and a volume rocker, all at the rear. In addition, a fantastic logo of Apple is seen placed at the center of the back panel.

An image showing a comparison of back panels of various models of iPads  – the original iPad, the iPad2, and the iPad 3 –  is also attached along with the picture.

It seems that the iPad 3 camera is little larger than that of the iPad 2. There are reports claiming that the new iPad sports an 8 megapixel camera at its rear, which is a huge dive comparing to the 1 megapixel camera featured in the iPad 2.

Moreover, the logic board of the iPad 3 is said to have given space to a chip labeled ‘A5X’. This comes in contradiction to our expectations that the iPad 3 would feature an A6 chip.

Earlier, Apple had incorporated an A5 chip in the iPad 2. In spite of this, we are left to wonder as to what might have made Apple to opt for an A5X instead of an A6 chip? Do you have an answer to what the leaked image states? Don’t hesitate to tell us.

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