Horn Homey Goes with the “Flow”

February 19, 2012, By George Lang

Be honest, how many of you are so hopelessly addicted to your smartphone that you take it to the hopper with you? Paul the Trombonist raises some irreverent new issues for all you B/R mobile advocates “bound” to tech: “Playing with your phone while you’re sitting on the toilet.” [see VIDEO below] He’s talkin’ toilet trash and Paul wants to help you get your “flow” on.

Paul the Trombonist

Granted, it’s more that you are helplessly “stuck” on your digital devices than on relieving your innermost sanctimony; but, for those of you who witlessly think there is no connection between the two, Paul has some helpful news for you: His Adam Sandler-like, wishy-washy, rap baritone croons, “Playin’ with your phone, and you really gotta’ go. It helps with the flow, in more ways than you will know.” I can’t touch this; only to say, Uncle Paul wants You!

There was a day when sitting on the porcelain pedestal meant reaching to the paper magazine to help the “medicine” go down. No longer, my friends; it’s now the perfect opportunity to catch up on your friends’ Facebook Timelines; a news worthy moment to update at Yahoo!; we might even catch a celebrity fashion show or new furniture trend – all while delivering the morning package to “the dump.”

Hey, we at DeviceMAG can’t blame Paul for his attempt at easing our daily “movement;” after all, who more likely to play the perfect accompaniment to the creation of a suite of future manure components than a horn toad. Never, I say NEVER, underestimate the power of technology to help speed the passing of your most fundamental bodily functions.

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