Nikon ‘my Picturetown’ Gets Updated, Brings in More Facebook Collaboration

February 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sharing pictures  from a Nikon camera was never this easy, especially from a Nikon 1. Now, Nikon has rolled out an update for my Picturetown, a photo sharing and storage service.

With the update, it has becomes easier to share the snaps from your life moments to the friends on Facebook, and you can do a lot more things in the updated my Picturetown.

The update brings more Facebook collaboration to the software keeping in mind the growing popularity of sharing photos on this top rated social networking site.

It now allows users to post links to shared albums straight to Facebook. The improved Facebook integration helps the users to send the shared links to albums to any friends on their friends list.

One of the flagship features brought in by the update is the ease of using Motion Snapshots which the company tout as a ‘new form of image expression’.

It plays in tune with the features of the latest rigs in the interchangeable lens series of products, like Nikon 1 J1 and V1.

With the Motion Snapshot mode, users can record a slow motion high quality movie clip with duration of a second or so, while they release the shutter to take a still picture.

This is great to watch since it features a slow transition from the expression or activity when the footage is played at 0.4x normal speed. The updated my Picturetown will help you post or play the Motion Snapshots on Facebook for some added fun.

The update has brought a bunch of security function to gold account members allowing them to restrict access to the albums shared via Facebook with a password. Would you want to give a try?

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