Razer Releasing Mass Effect 3 Gaming Peripherals

February 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

No one wants a standard keyboard anymore. If it doesn’t have the theme of one of your favorite video game franchises then you’ll definitely be missing out on some  aesthetically pleasing products. Because they’re so good at making things look pretty, Razer has unveiled that they will be gaming peripherals decked out with fancy Mass Effect 3 designs. All products have a Mass Effect look and feel to them thanks to the iconic red, white, and grey N7 armor design and color schemes.

Razer will be releasing several peripherals which include: keyboard, mouse, mouse pad,  Xbox 360 controller, messenger bag, iPhone protector, and Xbox 360 headset.

We’ve already seen Razer come out with some great looking peripherals for Star Wars: The Old Republic in the past and they were quite impressive. Mass Effect 3’s should wield the same result.

Though noticeably absent from the new set of peripherals is the touch screen that was on the Old Republic’s keyboard. I really thought that would have just been standard functionality for these and not solely a game exclusive.

Check out the gallery on Razer’s official website. You can also pre-order the peripherals there as well.

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